What is FriendTree™?

FriendTree is Diverxity’s network marketing program.
It’s a great way to make money from being a part of Diverxity. It all comes down to referrals – people you bring in to the community.
How does it work?
It’s simple. Earn money by referring subscribers or artists (models, photographers, video producers, bloggers, actresses, etc.) They then become part of your FriendTree.
  • Refer subscribers and earn 4% of their spending
  • Refer artists and earn 3.5% of what their content earns
  • Earn commission on all referral that anyone in your FriendTree makes
If one of your referred members also brings in new members, those new members are in your tree, one level down and at half the commission percentage. The more people in your tree, the more money you earn. There is no cap on your earning potential.
  • You refer a subscriber, Andrew. You get 4% of Andrew’s subscription fee.
  • Andrew refers his friend, Bob. Now you also earn 2% of Bob’s subscription fee.
  • Bob refers Charlie, and you earn 1% of Charlie’s subscription fee.
  • Andrew also refers a model, Betty. Andrew earns 3.5% of Betty’s content earnings, and you earn 1.75% of her earnings.
How do I refer people?
It’s easy. Your Diverxity username is your personal referral code. Just give your friends your username, and when they sign up, you’re connected!
So what are you waiting for? Go tell your friends!
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